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Certified notary services for your document needs

At Almeda Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer reliable and efficient Notary Public services to meet your notarization needs. Our skilled Notary Public professionals are authorized by the state of New York to verify and authenticate a wide range of documents, ensuring their legality and integrity.

Our Notary Public Services Include:

Notarization of Documents

We’re here to notarize important documents such as affidavits, powers of attorney, contracts, and more. Our experienced Notary Public team will witness the signing of these documents and verify the identities of the signatories.

Certified Copies

Need certified copies of vital records, academic transcripts, or other important documents? Our Notary Public can provide you with legally certified copies that carry the same weight as the original.

Administering Oaths and Affirmations

Our Notary Public can administer oaths and affirmations, essential for various legal and business purposes. Whether you need to swear an affidavit or make a legally binding statement, we can assist.

Vehicle Title Transfers

If you’re buying or selling a vehicle, we can help you complete the necessary paperwork and notarize the relevant documents, ensuring a smooth and lawful transfer of ownership.

Real Estate Documents

For real estate transactions, our Notary Public services can authenticate documents like deeds, mortgages, and property contracts, adding a layer of trust and legality to your real estate dealings.

With our Notary Public services, you can expect professionalism, accuracy, and strict adherence to legal requirements. We understand the importance of your documents and are committed to providing reliable notarization services that help you navigate various legal and administrative processes with confidence.

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